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Leeds' centre for a choice of three sports massage treatments - suited to your needs

Everyone's massage needs are different, so I'll work with you to choose the treatment that works best for you. Whether it's sports massage or something more relaxing, my range of holistic massage treatments can be tailored to suit your needs, and are all available in Leeds.
30 minutes - £25.00
60 minutes - £35.00
90 minutes - £45.00
Drawing of body muscles as a guide for sports massage in Leeds
I offer a range of discounts: Buy 3, Get 1 Half Price; Buy 4, Get the Fifth FREE; and a 15% DISCOUNT FOR YOU if you recommend a friend.
You can choose to visit one of my clinics or for a small additional charge I can come to your home or workplace - whatever suits you.
*Notice: Massage therapy complements, but does not replace medical treatment.
You should always seek medical advice if you are concerned about your health. 


This therapeutic massage promotes a sense of wellbeing, improves the blood circulation, relaxes tense muscles and calms the nervous system.
I use oils and a combination of slow, deep and repetitive strokes to massage of areas of tension, especially the feet, hands, head, neck and face. I can also combine passive joint movement, light energy work and acupressure at my Leeds studio to help you relax.
Therapeutic massage stimulates the production of the body's own 'pain relief' (hormones such as endorphins and serotonin), and suppresses the production of stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline.


Aside from sports massage, at my clinic in Leeds, I offer a seated acupressure chair massage or Indian head massage that is great for the workplace, at events, or in the comfort of your own home.
On-site or seated acupressure massage is a refreshing and invigorating massage for the upper body that's ideal for the workplace. I use a combination of massage and acupressure techniques to work on the back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands and scalp while you sit in a specially designed massage chair.
The massage is done over your clothes without oils, so it is convenient in the workplace or at home if you can't make it to my Leeds base. You can go straight back to work or get on with your daily life feeling revitalised and refreshed.


Remedial massage simply means using massage to remedy muscular or other physical problems. And you don't have to be a sportsperson to benefit from a remedial deep tissue massage. Any repetitive overuse of your body can cause pain and stiffness that can be treated quickly and effectively. 
This treatment combines deep tissue massage, neuromuscular techniques (great for chronic injuries or any non-acute pain), joint mobilisation and stretching (great for improving range of movement and rehabilitation following injury), and manual lymph drainage (great for acute injuries and swelling).
Used as pre and post event sports massage, the repair treatment can help you prepare for an event or to aid recovery and rehabilitation. Contact me in Leeds to enquire.
Call today for an appointment: 07794 366227
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